1998 BMW 528i 5 speed

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 Shopped for a few weeks to find a car that was suitable for some fix up for trips. Finally found it on Ebay and picked it up for $3200.00 plus $350.00 to ship it from Kansas to here. 206 and some change on the odometer when it got here in August of 2009.
Brake sensor light on. (when doing new pads all the way around replaced both sensors)
Electric fan not working. (new fan)
Fan clutch shot. (new fan clutch)
Transmission leaking. (fixed when changing fluids over to Redline MTL)
One front strut shot. (replaced both struts)
AC not working. (was actually the outside air sensor)
Outside temp not working. (fixing that fixed the air)

At some point it lived an honorable life. The blue means officer.

Didn't take long to get some performance and mileage back.

Those days seem a long time ago. When is arrived it was dirty inside and out with faded emblems and scratches.

 After the initial cleaning I had to dress it up. Can't go out without looking good!

 Not much of a snow but in the Memphis area ANY snow is a challenge. Out performed the Pathfinder with no question.

My big shiny knob cleaned up nicely.

Actually everything cleaned up nicely. There is some trash in the back from Ethan's nest.

 Gulfport, MS first weekend of May 2010. This was a couple of weeks after Deepwater Horizon went down but shortly before the oil reached shore.

  It was just a photo op.


 Window tint!

 The driver's side headlight was broken internally. That means it really lit up the pavement about 2 feet in front of the car. While in there I replaced the auxiliary fan.

The answer, of course was new headlights and if you're going to replace headlights in a BMW you may as well go with Angle Eyes.

Of course the real impact is at night.

28+ mpg at 75 with the air on and 4 passengers with luggage. Quite awesome!

GPS tucked under the mirror quite nicely.

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Present day - not bad for a 98, especially when you consider it has been sitting under the awning for almost 2 months when these were taken... Halloween 2011.

Rebuilt the LCM in June 2011. Only thing I have left to do is the driver's side rear window regulator. Roll the window down, push the glass down but it rolls back up.