1994 Jeep Wrangler SE 4.0 5 speed

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Not sure why but in March 2011 I decided I wanted a Jeep. I did some research and started looking. Finally came across this one in Jackson, TN. Took a trip up there and met Mr. Sweat. Went back the next weekend and picked it up. Good deal on a good vehicle but it needed some work!

Big tires with no gear. A TJ style top with no back window. The ride home sounded like we were doing a re-entry in the space shuttle with the windows down.

Notice the Driver's side fender?  That's from an over sized tire with too little lift. That tire hit a hole and the fender was literally rolled under by the tire. I am not sure if the huge tires or the lack of suspension are more to blame but this was the only damage I found.

Fortunately the interior was all Jeep! No carpet, no mold or mildew and nothing that couldn't get wet.


 Love the driver's side seat cover and like with most Jeeps... the back seat is fabulous!

The 4.0 appears ok and the engine bay is a bit dirty but everything seems intact.

 Had to break it in right. First time out we stopped at Herb Parsons on the way in, then on to Collierville to play soccer. Got the doors off and into the back before we came home.

 Found a guy named Charlie in Dyersburg on Craigslist who had 5 30x9.5x15s - wheels and tires. Got them on, Audra hooked me up with a Safari top for my birthday and after a good cleaning and waxing we have the makings of a decent looking Jeep.

 The addition of Skid Row's mirror relocation brackets and we're in business.

While admiring all the scratches on the tubs edge I got the wild idea of edging it with bedliner. It enhances and protects so even when the soft top gear is added it wont get all scratched up.


 I removed the chrome nose, and painted the entire front red, the bumper black and added a winch.

 Found these bumpers on Craigslist in Jackson, MS. A little sanding, a little bedliner spray and some 7/8 D-Rings front and rear and it's looking good.

 Added the seats out of a 2000 Sunfire to replace the OEM seats. A little hotter and they tilt back a little but here is no comparison in comfort.