Mostly escapades in the Jeep but a few other interesting pics as well.

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 The corner of Stanton Road and Stanton Road South in Southaven.

Some of the old Southaven Airport is still left.

Junior during his short stay with us.

Junior was quite trail capable.

 Came across this fella over on his side in the water behind him at the Covington Pike bottoms. He was a couple of feet under and dead on the passenger's side.

The 45 mph grasshopper. He rode there across Shelby Farms.

 Took Tim for a ride and we came across a buried 4 wheeler in Southaven. Helped the guy out.

Ethan riding the yellow trail at Shelby Farms

Riding at Covington Pike in July 2011.

 A little deeper than anticipated.

Uh a lot deeper than anticipated.

Winch time.

A little less than clean.